CreateSurface Edit

This method creates a surface class. it returns a cCairoSurface.

Example Edit

'First we need a Surface, which is a "physical thing" (a real Render-Target)
  Dim Srf As cCairoSurface
  'a Cairo-Image-Surface is something like an allocated InMemory-Bitmap (a hDIB)
  Set Srf = Cairo.CreateSurface(200, 100, ImageSurface)

Arguments Edit

Function CreateSurface(Width As Long, Height As Long, [SurfaceType As SurfaceCreateEnum = ImageSurface], [FileNameOrByteArray], [DXorGLhWnd As Long], [DXWaitForVerticalBlanc As Boolean]) As cCairoSurface

Width: Sets the width of the surface

Height: Sets the height of the surface

Surfacetype: Defines the type of surface which will be created. Default: ImageSurface

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